Detoxygene Treatment

Detoxygene Treatment

The new Detoxygene Treatment

Breathe your skin!

All skins can be asphyxiated ... and not just in the city!

In fact, our environment plays an important role (exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, industrial pollution, dust and confined atmospheres ...), just like our lifestyle that causes our skin to produce toxins in greater quantities (unhealthy diet). , lack of sleep, stress ...).
Consequences ? The complexion is dull and tired, blurred, it lacks vitality and leaves room for the arrival of imperfections.

For this, Guinot allows you to integrate in your beauty ritual the brand new Detoxygene Treatment!
Conducted by your expert Beautician, it is the detoxifying reoxygenating treatment that, in 1 hour, removes dead cells, eliminates toxins and pollution, and reoxygenates the skin.

The skin breathes and looks radiant!

Take advantage of the change of season to take a detox break and go to your nearest Guinot Salon to discover this new treatment!

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Detoxygene Treatment


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