Long-lasting Depilation Skincare

The Dépil Logic treatment product line with Bulbaine is the last step in GUINOT’s long-lasting depilation method, enabling you to put off your next depilation treatment for as long as possible.
They thin and lighten the hair while slowing down regrowth so that your skin stays soft and hair-free for longer.

Dépil Logic Visage Face Cream
Face and body serum to slow hair regrowth
Dépil Logic Body Lotion
Anti-hair regrowth body lotion
Dépil Logic Serum
Salon treatment serum, calming effect for depilated skin
Dépil Logic Deodorant Cream
Anti-hair regrowth deodorant cream - Body
Dépil Logic Deodorant Spray
Anti-hair regrowth deodorant spray - Body