Hydra Cellulaire Serum
Cellular water “perfusion” - Dehydrated skin
Age Logic Serum
Repairs at night – beautifies by day
Age Logic Eye Serum
Combats signs of ageing and fatigue
Nutri Cellulaire Serum
Cellular nutrition “by perfusion”
Acnilogic Cream Serum
In-depth treatment for oily skin
Bioxygène Serum
“Oxygenating” radiance serum
Lift-éclat Concentrate
Instant “lift” ampoule
Hydra Sensitive Serum
Soothing “perfusion” for reactive skin
Longue Vie Serum
“Rejuvenating perfusion” at the cell core
Acti-Rides Flash
Express wrinkle smoother
Anti-Dark Spot Serum
Youth Serum for Dark Spots - Face
Liftosome Serum
Triple action “lifting” serum
Newhite Serum
14-day deep treatment course
Newhite Concentrate
Intensive 14-day skin care for specific areas