Youth Skincare

Advances in cell biology enable us to slow the effects of skin ageing.
Today, using suitable beauty care, it’s possible to recover youthful skin.

Pleine Vie Cream
Compensates the consequences of hormonal deficiencies on mature skin
Longue Vie Cream
Cellular longevity cream with 56 active ingredients
Longue Vie Serum
“Rejuvenating perfusion” at the cell core
Longue Vie + Serum
Youth “Boosting” Serum
Anti-wrinkle Mask
Instant smoothing anti-fatigue mask
Acti-Rides Flash
Express wrinkle smoother
Youth Time Foundation
Rejuvenating treatment foundation
Anti-wrinkle Cream
Deep rejuvenating skin care - All skin types
Anti-wrinkle Rich Cream
Deep rejuvenating skin care - Dry skin
Derma Liss
Skin Care Treatment for Wrinkles and Enlarged Pores
Anti-Dark Spot Serum
Youth Serum for Dark Spots - Face
Youth Perfect Finish cream spf 50
Youth Complexion Cream SPF 50 - Face
Nouvelle Vie cream
First Signs of Ageing Cream