Make-up Removers/gentle Cleansing Skincare

Cleansing the skin is the first step in skincare. Morning and evening, the skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed and rid of impurities that prevent it from breathing properly.
GUINOT make-up removers nourish and prepare the skin for the application of skincare products.

Hydra Fraîcheur Milk
Gel milk make-up remover – All skin types
Hydra Fraîcheur Toning Lotion
Skin care lotion – All skin types
Hydra Beauté Milk
Cream milk make-up remover – Dry skin
Hydra Beauté Toning Lotion
Toning lotion - Dry skin
Hydra Sensitive Milk
Cleanser for reactive skin
Hydra Tendre Cleansing Cream
Gentle cleansing wash - All skin types
Hydra Yeux Eye Make-up Remover
Gentle eye cleansing gel
Micellaire Cleansing Water
Make-up remover
Express Yeux Make-up Remover
Two-phase make-up remover - Removes all types of make-up (even waterproof)