Detoxygene Treatment Detoxygene Treatment

Reoxygenating Detoxifying Treatment

The Détoxygène treatment effectively removes pollution particles and daily toxins from the skin.


The skin is refreshed, radiant and glowing.

Care secret

The dual enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells loaded with toxins and pollution particles, smoothing and refining skin texture.

The mask acts as a ‘pollution magnet’, picking up and removing pollution particles to detoxify the skin. A chemical substance known as EDTA forms a chelate with metals, enabling their removal. Green Clay absorbs toxins and impurities.
The mask has a specific cream texture. Use a spatula to apply it over gauze placed on the customer’s face then peel off.

Massage reoxygenates the skin through manual techniques, which boost skin microcirculation, and through active ingredients in the massage serum. Actinergie (Corn extract) increases the oxygen uptake of cells, thereby stimulating cell metabolism, and ATP (biotechnology-derived active ingredient) provides cells with the energy they need to function properly.
Purisoft (Moringa seed extract) forms a detoxifying barrier that protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollutants. It also helps remove harmful microparticles and prevent them from adhering to the skin.
Dermaline (Laminaria algae extract) moisturises the skin and helps improve tonicity.


As and when required

Skin Type

All types, Dull skin, Tired skin


From £64/€73

Expert advice

The Détoxygène Treatment is the ideal introduction to skincare
This Treatment can be performed several times a year, whenever the need arises (peaks in pollution, times of stress or intense fatigue, seasonal changes, after the year-end holidays, etc.).


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