Moisturising Skincare

Skin that is properly moisturised is radiant, supple and beautiful. A long-lasting moisture balance can be maintained using innovative active ingredients such as Hydrocyte Liposomes, Hydroplasma or the Hydrocyte Complex.

Hydra Summum Serum
Perfect Moisturising Serum
Hydra Summum Cream
Perfect Moisturising Cream - Face
Hydra Cellulaire Serum
Cellular water “perfusion” - Dehydrated skin
Hydrazone Fluid Cream
Moisturising fluid cream for day and night
Hydrazone Cream
Long lasting moisturising - All skin types / Dehydrated skin
Hydra Beauté Cream
Multi action repair moisturising cream - Dehydrated skin
Hydra Beauté Mist
Refreshing moisture-replenishing face spray
Hydra Beauté Mask
Instant moisture bath
Hydra Finish Cream
Complexion-Enhancing Moisturiser SPF 15
Hydra Bronze Cream
Gradual moisturising tan face cream