Hydrazone Progressive Tan Lotion

Golden Effect moisturising lotion - body

Hydrazone Sun Care products are formulated with Hydrocyte Liposomes, water-laden microspheres that intensely moisturize the epidermis and provide a permanent source of hydration.

The Hydrazone Progressive Tanning Milk is the Sun Effect Moisturizing Milk that adorns the body with a natural golden tan and visibly hydrates the skin.


DHA & ÉRYTHRULOSE : Ensures a natural and progressive tan.

LIPOSOMES OF HYDROCYTE COMPLEX & ALOE VERA EXTRACT : Moisturize and sublimate the skin.

Use advice

Apply evenly over the entire body, every day, until the desired tan is obtained, then every 2 days to maintain the tan obtained. Wash hands after application.

Skin Type :

All types

Target zone :

Hydrazone Progressive Tan Lotion

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