Longue Vie Sun Capsules

Food Supplement to prepare the skin

The sun's rays accelerate skin aging. Moreover, with age, the skin's natural defenses against the sun's harmful effects diminish.

Before exposure to the sun, the skin needs to be strengthened.

The LONGUE VIE capsules reinforce its natural capacity of protection* and support the appearance of bronzing.

*Vitamin C and Vitamin E contribute to protect the cells against oxidative stress.


VITAMINS C & E: Help protect cells against oxidative stress.

BORAGE OIL & OLIVE OIL : Sources of fatty acids.

Use advice

Two weeks before exposure to the sun, take 1 capsule each day with a large glass of water, preferably during meals. Continue during exposure and one week after to prolong tanning.

Skin Type :

All types

Target zone :

Longue Vie Sun Capsules

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