Nutri Cellulaire Serum

Cellular nutrition “by perfusion”

Deeply nourishes the skin for maximum comfort.
Softens, protects and calms the skin instantly.
Helps make skin supple.


Pro-ceramides: replenish depleted skin lipids by encouraging better cellular cohesion.
Omega 3 and 6: restore the intercellular hydro-lipid film.
Vitamin E: anti-free radical and antioxidant.
Mango butter: nourishes.
Shea butter: softens, nourishes and repairs.
Macadamia oil: restructures.

Use advice

Apply over the face under your usual cream, morning and/or evening.
Can be used as a one-month treatment to be renewed according to skin needs.

Skin Type :

Dry skin

Target zone :

Nutri Cellulaire Serum

Enhance the nourishing action of the Serum by applying the Age Nutritive cream, which corrects nutritional deficiencies, deprogramming the natural ageing process, or Nutrizone, a source of vital nutrition for cells.

Use Essentiel Nutrition Confort Maskto drench the skin in a bath of instantaneous nourishment containing essential oils.

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