Age Logic Rich Cream

Longevity Rich Cream - Dry Skin

- The skin looks visibly more youthful.
- Properly nourished, the skin recovers the comfort, tonicity and radiance of more youthful skin.


Helps boost cell activity:
ATP-ACTINERGIE: Provides essential energy for vital cell functions and improves cellular oxygenation, boosting the metabolism.
56 CELLULAR INGREDIENTS: Boost cell renewal and metabolism.
RAMBUTAN LEAF EXTRACT: Facilitates collagen and elastin fibre synthesis and cohesion to firm and smooth wrinkles.

Helps restart the mechanism of cell nutrition:
LIPOSKIN: Rich in saturated fatty acids; helps rebuild the skin barrier and intensely nourish the skin.
PRO-CERAMIDES: Boost the synthesis of major lipid components (ceramides) that help the skin to restructure the intercellular cement.

Use advice

Apply daily morning and/or evening to the face after cleansing thoroughly.

Skin Type :

Dry skin

Target zone :

Age Logic Rich Cream

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