Mirific Bronze Treatment

Mirific Bronze Treatment

The Bronzed Glow Treatment

Manual treatment method to achieve soft and golden skin without exposure to UV rays. 
After exfoliation, your Guinot Beauty Doctor applies a self-tanning foam all over the body.


Skin is renewed and glows with an even natural tan

Care secret

Scrub with 4 Precious Oils 
Your skin is prepared with a scrub enriched with 4 precious oils and Apricot Kernel Seed, ensuring an even tan is achieved

Mirific Bronze
A hydrating foam is applied over the entire body to give a streak free, glow


- 1 treatment per week until desired intentisity is achieved, maintain every 15 days 


Skin Type

All types


From £72/€84

Expert advice

Prior to your Salon treatment, you will require a patch test of the Mirific Bronze.

Subsequent to your treatment, your Guinot Beauty Doctor will recommend products to maintain the results at home


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